I have this thermostat and I am trying to add to it my network. When I do so, it is recognized as General Thermostat V2, but not fully implemented. I assume this is because it is not in the list of devices offered when I choose "Select Device Description Record." What can I do to get this device added?


The Device Description Record is needed only to be able to configure the device in a more easy way. Basically, even without this record a device can be operated. But the fact of absence also means the device was never tested in Z-Cloud. Unfortunatelly we had no time to test with all US devices.

Please specify what is not supported? Is the interview of the device completed? If not, it will lack support of some functions, but it also means the device might break Z-Wave standards. To be sure try to wake it up several times to compleate the interview (we suppose it is a battery device).

Right now the only thing supported by the device is that it is reporting the current temp. Otherwise, I have no options to do anything else.

Indeed, under Device Control > Devices Status, there is a note that the interview is not complete. Clicking on the icon gives me the Interview Results pop-up. This shows that all Command Classes have completed the interview EXCEPT for Version. When I try to Force re-interview, nothing appears to change. The device is listed as a "Frequently listening battery operated device." I don't think that type of devices needs to be waken up, right? I also went into For Experts > Expert Commands and pressed the Get and CommandClassVersionGet buttons with no result.

I am happy to help test and get this device supported in your app. Please let me know what you need from me.

FLiRS (Frequently Listening Routing Slave) can give the problem. Make sure your stick is based on SDK 5.0x (check in Controller Infom tab). Otherwise it certainly can not speak to FLiRS devices. Also make sure tu have some more slave devices in between, since the stick can not directy communicate with a FLiRS (it is a restriction comming from underground of the Z-Wave protocol).

Basically, the device is not supposed to pass interview of other Command Classes until Version is done. May be you have forced them?

The controller is based on SDK 5.02. I have 1 other slave currently, an outdoor binary switch. I did force the re-interview of the other Command Classes from the Interview results page. I re-included the device and now nothing is showing for the interview.

Where do I go from here? Thanks

I can't figure out how to access the log file to copy and paste it, but here is a screenshot of my log when I try to re-interview the thermostat (it is device 5.)

Please let me know what else I can provide to continue troubleshooting this.

There are nothing critical in the log, except that I don't see interview continuation. Woul be great if you show us a screenshot of device data (click on device name in interview results window). Please make both popups visible on same screennshot.

I just included a CT-30 thermostat and it will also not complete the interview. Virtually the same issue.

We do not see sensor250 and sesor1000 values in device data. Please tell me if one of them is true.

Also please make a screenshot of queue inspector during Force Interview process.

For both thermostats, the sensor1000 is true and the sensor250 is false. The Tricklestar controller and the switch show sensor1000 as false and sensor250 as false.

Here is the screenshot.

It seems that the device is a bit broken and it can not handle too much (more than two) subsequent packets sent to it. We have seen this with some devices. There is a way to workaround this (since the device breaks a bit Z-Wave rules, the workaround is not very userfriendly).

So, open Devices Configuration tab, choose your device, press on the bottom right Expert mode and under the last cut n the page Interview result button. Then you can try many times to force Version interview. After 10 times (not to endorse you to read specific parameters in data structure) you can continue with all other classes - press same button for them too. This should work.

After forcing the Re-Interview for Version 10 times, it still does not show as "Done." Should the workaround make it say "Done", or will it never complete the Version interview? After pressing the force Re-Interview for Version about 15 times, I pressed the Re-Interview button for the other classes. All are showing as "Done" now. However, I am still not able to control the thermostat from the Z-wave web interface.

Well, may be it uses some functions we have not implemented in the UI. We need to look on it to allow it's support.

Either you have to wait for us to get the device (we are going into US market and will have to check these devices soon), or you have to give us access to your system to have a look.

I can give you ssh access to my machine. Please let me know the best way to PM you and I'll give you the login information. Thanks

by mail at info@. but please be patient to wait a week or so to allow us finish several urgent projects

By mail at info@. But please be patient a week or so, since we have some extremely urgent projects to finish before.